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Service and Maintenance is the core of our companies work. We provide our customers with a predictive maintenance agreement that is detailed to their specific needs. Some customers only require a quarterly inspection, while others need a detailed monthly inspection. We also offer an in-house maintenance service which typically caters to facilities that run 24/7, or have critical operations.

Service calls are inevitable. Mechanical systems do break down. The key to minimizing failure is a detailed maintenance program. Watching  systems for potential problems, and making needed repairs before a failure can occur. This can prevent the majority of service calls. Even with a good maintenance program, failures can still can occur. We offer a short response time for service calls to our regular contract customers, as well as emergency service after hours. Lets face it. We know our customers may require service outside the hours of 9 to 5, and we will be there to help.

Air Balancing is another service we offer. Air balancing, in a nut shell, is setting the amount of air delivery at each supply register to the design CFM (cubic feet per minute). A properly balanced system is crucially for efficiency as well as general comfort.

In addition, we offer service for building control systems, both electronic and pneumatic.

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