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What is HERS all about?

The California State Energy Commission has come up with a plan to save energy. A lot of energy is wasted and the idea is to eliminate or minimize the cause. They have performed many test and analyzed many systems to make systems work more efficiently. They have also considered the initial cost and the pay off. They certainly don't want to burden the consumer or builders with the overall cost of this program. These implementations will have a quick pay off and actually start saving money down the road. It benefits the consumer and the environment.

Detailed information regarding Title 24 regulations is available at http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/2008standards/index.html

What we do...

We provide HERS (Home Energy Rating System) service. Our ratersd are certified by CalCERTS who is a California State approved HERS provider. CalCERTS is an organization that administers a California State approved HERS Rating System. CalCERTS compiles, organizes, archives, and reports on all rating done by its certified raters.

We provide Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing ( FV/DT ) service for both commercial and residential. We provide service for HVAC contractors, Builders, Building Owners, and Homeowners. We can perform the pre-testing that is required for the CF-6R as well. It is our responsibility to act as a third party to ensure that you system has been installed correctly and that the required energy saving components are in place and working properly. As a consumer, you may just want to have your duct work tested so that you current system is running to the best of its ability, ensuring efficiency and saving you money.

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